The Proposed Improvements

Highway 400 is a Controlled-Access Highway.
It is managed by the MTO, and connects Southern Ontario to Central Ontario, Northern Ontario, and Western Canada via Highway 69 and Highway 11. This Class Environmental Assessment includes the detail design for the replacement of the Highway 400 bridges over the North Canal of the Holland Marsh in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, County of Simcoe.

Subject to the outcome of the study, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is proposing the following improvements:

  • Replacement of the Highway 400 Bridges over the North Canal
  • Realignment and profile adjustment of Highway 400 for 1.37 km to accommodate the new bridge alignment and increase vertical clearance over Canal Road
  • Rehabilitation of Highway 400 pavement for 1.33 km within the project
  • Interim profile lowering of Canal Road to accommodate the proposed south bridge abutment and increase vertical clearance
  • Realignment and profile adjustment of Davis Road and Wist Road to accommodate the proposed Highway 400 embankment realignment and ditches
  • Installation of retaining walls between the realigned Highway 400 and Davis Road/ Wist Road
  • Permanent closure of the Highway 400 access ramps at Davis Road and Wist Road
  • Lining the Holland (Schomberg) River Culvert

Upon completion the highway will retain the current six-lane configuration with three lanes in the northbound and southbound directions separated by a wide grass median (except at bridges) that transitions to a narrow median north of the bridges. The design has considered the ultimate 10-lane cross-section of Highway 400. The proposed improvements have been designed to accommodate the future realignment of the North Canal to the north within the MTO right-of-way.